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The Latest Trends in Baby Clothing

babies now dress olderEven before you baby knows what fashion is it’s important to make sure that they are well dressed and look their best. For some new parents keeping up with fashion trends is just another exhausting chore that doesn’t get done. But for others the idea of having a fashionable baby is exciting and worth doing the research for. Whatever camp of parents you fall into, know that it’s easy to have an on-trend baby when you look for these clothing items. They’re hot right now, and easy to find, so you can make sure that you stay ahead of the trends!

Animals on babies never get old. Last year foxes were everywhere, and for good reason – they’re adorable. But it’s time for them to move over as the new animal makes its way into our hearts and onto our clothing. Meet: the hedgehog. Cute and spiky, hedgehogs on baby clothing are simply adorable. Dinosaurs are extinct, and foxes are old news, but when you find hedgehog clothing for your baby you’ll guarantee that they’re trendy.

Ears, ears ears! No matter if they’re pointy like a rabbit or rounded like a bear, ears on hoodies are in. Babies are adorable anyway, but sticking them in something with ears makes them even more so. People won’t be able to resist hoodies with ears. Look for something in a neutral color so that it’s more classic than a primary color. Soft fabrics are easy on sensitive skin, and a zipper makes getting your baby in and out of their hoodie really easy.

For baby girls floral clothing is wonderful! The new prints that are coming out are beautiful. Gone are the dark outlined flowers with primary colors. Look for something that has a watercolor effect to it and remember: calming neutral colors are the way to go. A pretty Sunday dress in a watercolor floral print can’t be beat. And for baby shoes the same applies.

You can easily have a trendsetter baby when you look for some of these clothing pieces. Pair them with a white cardigan for a girl or rolled up khakis on a boy and your baby will be the best dressed one around. And remember: some classics never go out of style, including lace accessories for girls. Just make sure that the lace doesn’t look cheap!

Remember when onesies for babies were all the rage? ┬áSimple to put on, easy to clean? ┬áThat’s a trend that may now be returning. Trends can come and go quickly but these are here to stay for a while.